Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Using iMindMap to Present Yourself

I attended the world's first iMindMap Certification course conducted by Mr Chris Griffiths, the CEO of ThinkBuzan. It is the world's only Mind Mapping software that is officially endorsed by Tony Buzan, the Inventor of Mind Maps.

The above powerpoint slide was easily created by the iMindMap software. The application is quite user friendly and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the beauty of the organic branches and also in the manner in which you can do presentation in a natural, brain-friendly way.

For viewers with Apple's iPads or Andriods, a tablet version is downloadable from the internet. It is useful to have one on your iPad rather than your mobile phone, as with a bigger screen you would be able to have a good overview of your mind map.

My CV could easily be read from the above iMindMap. Enjoy.

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