Monday, December 26, 2011

My Mind Map on a Primary 4 Science Topic on Plants

One day on returning home from office after a long day in April 2000, I tumbled across a set of my daughter's primary 4 notes on plants. Well it was full of notes and pictures of the different parts of the plants. For each part of the plant there were further sub-divisions.

I suddenly felt that I could do better in organising that set of notes as I just wanted to show my daughter how much better it is if the notes were organised in this way. I managed to complete the task within 2 hours and presented it to her. The FUN and LEARNING elements of the mind map was that it was full of COLOUR and, KEY WORDS (LEAVES, FRUITS, FLOWERS and ROOTS) and provided an overview of the 6-pages of a black and white type written set of science notes that the school gave to each student. I believe, it provided an interesting corridor for my child to look at things in a HOLISTIC manner and INTEREST her in science that no other methods was able to do in 2000. The mind map above could be improved by adding other KEYWORDS such as SEEDS, STEMS and BUDS, etc.

I was proud of my work and during the course of my career shared it with many people who was delighted with the summary.

Writing this blog at this point of time made me wonder and reflect on how to further interest the current batch of primary, secondary and polytechnic students to take the study of science more seriously. I shall further pen my thoughts on this in view of the development of IT and mind maps software in recent times. How can we make it even more brain-friendly that even the UNINTERESTED are drawn towards LEARNING science in a very gentle and gradual manner. It is something that I always challenge myself. I hope I would be able to write something about it later.

I am proud that this post gained the highest number of page views among all the mind maps that I have posted since 2011. It is viewed many times over that of my second most viewed mind map.

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