Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Mind Map on "Google, iPhone, What's Next" Lecture by Prof Yong LIAN, NUS Provost's Chair Professor on 22 Sep 2011 at the Engineering Auditorium

I was quite excited when I received an invitation from the Engineering Alumni Singapore for which I was a member, to attend the prestigious bi-annual Engineering Lecture on "Google, iPhone, What's Next" that was delivered by Professor Yong LIAN (Synopsis and his CV are given below). It was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore at the Engineering Auditorium on 22 Sep 2011 at 7pm-8pm.

Naturally, I was all ready to mind map the talk in real-time on my iPad2. Needless to say, the talk was really interesting and excellently presented by Prof YongLIAN.

Above is an enlarged image of the mind map I did on Prof Yong LIAN's lecture. [If you need the full image of the mind mapped lecture that I did, please send me an email request ( I would be pleased to let you have a copy of the mind map that was done using my iMindMap software on my iPad2 which I just bought in Jun 2011]. I was pleased that I was able to mind map the lecture in real-time without bringing my bunch of coloured pens/markers as all the colours can be found in the software. 

For more information regarding the synopsis of the talk and speaker, please click here