Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Mind Map on Jack Neo's "I Not Stupid" Movie on 17 Feb 2002

Yes, the mind map below is on the movie "I Not Stupid" (Chinese: 小孩不笨; pinyin: Xiǎohái Bù Bèn) which I watched with my wife on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Of course it was not done in real-time as many of my friends and mind mappers wanted to know. Reason being that I was really having a great time laughing at all the jokes that made Jack Neo, the Director and Producer of the film famous, that, I had no time to record it live. Furthermore, the theatre was too dark also for me to draw his and Terry Khoo's portraits.

Till today, I could still feel and laugh at the jokes just by reading the key words from the mind map. I created it immediately after watch the show as what Jack did in the movie was really brilliant and creative. Some of the interesting points that I enjoyed are:

He highlighted the stigma of being an EM3 Stream Student . This, together with other feedbacks, probably, led to refinement/ restructuring of SINGAPORE's very successful ABILITY-DRIVEN EDUCATION [CLICK HERE], that were announced by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the then Minister for Education, at the MOE Work Plan Seminar on 28 Sep 2006. EM3 students are streamed into a subject-based banding system that "provides enriching learning experiences for high-ability students at the primary school level and to allow for greater integration between Gifted Education Programme (GEP) students with others" [CLICK HERE]. 

The long reaches of the Internet,

The No U-Turn Syndrome (NUTS) 

ITE used to stand for "It's The End" - Jack managed to creatively unveil how students or even some parents do not want their children to go to ITE. Actually, ITE, The Institute of Technical Education, should in my opinion thank him for bringing more publicity for the great work that ITE has provided to many of Singapore's students who went through that education route. The few days of free newspaper publicity really gave ITE a chance to showcase their achievements of some of their students who went on to obtain PhDs. FAST FORWARD.....ITE has reformed itself to a world-class institution of technical education winning the prestigious Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in the process.

Issues on some government policies etc.... are examples of some of Singapore's social and political coffee-shop-talk prior to 2002.