Thursday, December 01, 2011

My Mind Map on "Technology Enhanced Learning" Course on 1st Dec 2011

I attended this course as I felt that it was very important to keep up with the rapid pace of changes in technology that is taking place in the Internet.

I was not disappointed about what I learnt from the course.

The excellent presentation made by Murray, Preetam and Hui Leng from TLC, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, definitely showed that one has to continually learn, unlearn and relearn new things in this KBE world of ours. I found the material introduced, very relevant in the context of engaging and interacting with our young learners. Using IT tools that would hopefully stimulate their interest as well as open up the opportunities and possibilities for them in learning.

Fortunately, I managed to mind map the course together with most of the linkages and websites that were shown during the short, but very useful 3-hour course. These links would certainly be a great aid for me to refer to whenever I want. e.g. How to generate your own QR code? Preetam, TLC's Internet Guru was kind to show me how to do it with the image attached. Just follow the steps outline in red. Thanks, Preetam.

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