Monday, July 29, 2013

REVISION MIND MAPS for Topics on Copper, Aluminium and Polymer

Mind Map for Class LA34
I did two other similar Mind Maps for different classes today. However, they are slightly different from each other as it depends on the questions asked by the students in each class as shown.
Mind Map for LM56

Mind Map for LMK7

Some of the students find the mind maps useful for their revision, while others find that it looks quite untidy and disorganised.

As in all learning aids, it is not easy to find a learning technique that meets the requirements of all learners. Thus, fortunately, for those who are "Linear thinkers" and find it untidy, I have the powerpoint notes that they could refer to.

For those who could see the potential of the Mind Map summary or overview that I have drawn for them, could go further by adding on more branches or facts onto the above mind maps that I have drawn. Good Luck. 

I have just updated my post to include another real-time Map that I did just a few hours ago.

Mind Map for LN12


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