Wednesday, November 26, 2014



As always, an enormous event such as the above C & I Week comes with many programmes. With the large number of facilitators and students involved, the organisers have to provide detailed coordinating instructions necessary to  ensure success. 

As I sat in the lecture theatre listening attentively as the programme and instructions unfolded in front of us, I quickly "captured" (mindmapped) the essence of what I need to know (e.g. 9INNOVA, Challenging Projects and Workshops involved, Duties of the Facilitators, etc...) so as hopefully, able to successfully dovetail the C&I week's programme smoothly into the 9INNOVA module. 

I felt a certain sense of calmness (unlike during the first briefing) and had a very happy feeling at this second briefing for all the facilitators, as I looked down on the A6-sized mind map that I have completed in real-time.

In my humble opinion, it generally showed that the organisers have covered practically all angles in organising this event. Well done!

Hopefully this C&I Week programme will supplement 9INNOVA and help students gain a different mindset in terms of Creativity and Innovation. 

After attending a third meeting, I made some minor changes (Emergency telephone no. 64606999) to the mind map above and update it my blog. I also realised that students have to achieve their goal of completing the following 3 parts:
a) Designing and Writing their ePoster for their challenging project
b) Designing and Constructing a cardboard model of their challenging project, and,
c) Designing and Editing a video on their challenging project in which they make use of a Line Hugging Robot (LHR) to illustrate/simulate how they would go about solving the problem of their project.

Students have to achieve the above tasks, so that they would be able to make further presentations to anyone else using the ePoster and the recorded video. Thus, this means that the group would have to delegate jobs/tasks to all three tasks to members of the team.

The mind map helps one in having an overview of the entire project.

Please enjoy and have fun analysing the mind map!