Friday, January 25, 2013

My Mind Map on Philip Kee's Speech on His Six Years of Consulting Experience in China to the Institute of Management Consultants

Preparing a speech in linear form was always a difficult task for me. However, after learning mind mapping, I always depended on it to help me draft the speech. 

The above mind mapped speech was made for my good friend Mr Philip Kee, Chairman of Luke Philips Consultants, who was invited to give a speech to members of the Institute of Management Consultants on his vast experiences, insights and lessons that could be learnt when doing business in China. He told me what he wanted to talk and I did the colourful mind mapped speech in just over a 2-hour lunch break that we had in Bukit Timah Plaza.

I was totally amazed and glad that I was able to help him mind mapped his speech. Philip told me that he successfully managed to present his talk from the above mind map without minimum reference to any notes.