Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Mind Map on Prof Robert S Kaplan's Lecture on "Balance Score Card" on September 11th, 2001 in Suntec City Auditorium Singapore

How could I forget this wonderful creation!

The Mind Map is a summary of Professor Robert S Kaplan's lecture on 'Balance Scorecard' lecture at Suntec City Auditorium. It was created coincidentally on 11th Sep 2001! (911).

I remembered that I was very tired after making this mind map that I fell asleep in front of my TV only to be awoken by the images of two planes smashing themselves into the then Twin Towers of New York. 

I actually arrived late for the event. Fortunately, there was a tea reception before the lecture and I quickly took the opportunity to find a seat and occupied my time in drawing the central image as well as the Professor's portrait. I then felt very comfortable to wait for the lecture to commence.

Luckily for me, Professor Kaplan was an excellent teacher as the mind map grew and transformed into one of my finest pieces of creation. I quickly noticed that mind maps that are balanced and easily read provides me with a very quick indicator of how good the speakers are in relation to their speed of delivery, clarity in explanation and excellent organisation of the content. In other words, they are Masters or Gurus in the area of their expertise.