Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Mind Map on Andrew Matthews on "Follow Your Heart" at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 24-25 May 2001

Attending the 2001 National Achiever's Congress at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was probably one of the exciting moments of my life. Here I was, listening to seven prominent inspirational speakers speaking over 2 days, determined to mind map their message on one sheet of paper as I have always done for all seminars that I had attended ever since I saw the potential of mind maps and how it can empower our brains to do the "impossible".
Many had came up to me to say that "It is not possible", "It is too difficult", "I always run out of space", "My mind map does not look like a mind map (cos' it is untidy).....and the list goes on. 
Thus, having done the above mind map while Andrew Matthew lectures and draws his cartoons at the same time.....I think,... could only make people wonder whether I really did it on the spot or did I do it only at the end of the day.
If anyone has seen Andrew giving the lecture, would know that he collects his drawings after his lectures. So it is almost impossible for me to remember what was drawn if I had not drawn it on the spot before he covers it up. Please enjoy the drawings as I mimicked Andrew during his lecture on "Follow Your Heart - Finding the Purpose in Your Life and Work - Have More Time, Friends, Health and Happiness".