Friday, November 06, 2015


What drives me to supplement my teaching with Mind Maps?  

Mind map is one of the methods that I use in helping me teach more effectively. It assists my students by making 
learning a bit easier and in a systematic manner too. Another technique I use in parallel is the powerful TEFCAS (Try, Event, Feedback, Check, Adjust and Succeed) methodology that helped motivate and encourage my students to "Try" etc...... and then "Succeed".

I would certainly recommend any one to try to learn this simple, but yet, powerful technique that came from Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Maps.

My sincere thanks, gratitude and deep appreciation goes to all my students and colleagues for their feedback and support. They are the REAL motivators of my passion to use mind mapping and TEFCAS, in whatever work situations and to NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC for providing a conducive teaching and learning environment. Students and colleagues have also been generous in nominating me for several teaching awards as shown below:

a) 2007/2008 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Academic Award (Development)

b) 2007/2008 School Teaching Award

c) 2008/2009 School Teaching Award

d) 2014/2015 Associate Lecturer Teaching Award (Photos).

Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Principal, Mr Clarence Ti, Presenting the "Associate Lecturer Teaching Award"

In whatever pedagogy, there would probably be some who may not agree with this unorthodox method of teaching, summarising and reinforcing learning through the use of Mind Maps and encouraging students to adopt the SUCCESS formula, TEFCAS! 

I am pleased to attach some feedbacks from students on my teaching. I hope you may find some inspiration in learning something about how I apply Mind Mapping and TEFCAS to help and motivate students associate, learn, recall and more importantly, to TRY as the first step towards SUCCESS!

Feedback From My Students
For those interested in learning mind mapping and TEFCAS, there are numerous books written by Tony Buzan that you could get from Amazon

For those interested to teach Mind Mapping, you may go to the following website:

For those who wish to discuss more about it, I am pleased to assist you as a qualified practitioner of the techniques of Mind Mapping and TEFCAS.

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