Sunday, January 07, 2018

ME Design Thinking Project for Students


The above mindmap drawn with the help of Mindmanager 2002, was a great help to me in providing me with a quick  overview of what I had to do. 

As with every Mindmap software, the Mindmanager 2002 provided excellent links to documents, websites, ppt slides and videos. It provides me with an invaluable template of gathering all the information on a single page/slide.

My duty was to facilitate a few groups of students in preparing their motorised wheel chair model for a challenge with other groups of students. The model had to go through a series of obstacles, like opening a door, moving over bumpy ground, climbing over/down a few steps or ramp, manoeuvring through a series of columns and uneven ground before stopping at a designated area.

The project was an excellent method of getting the students to combine the various concepts of design thinking to develop a model of a motorised wheelchair that meet the needs of the customer.