Friday, May 31, 2013

Chap4 - Quick Review / Revision of Lessons Using Charts and Mind Maps

Chap 4 - Heat Treatment Processes

This is not a mind map. It is just a summary that I did to show how the Phase Diagram used in Chap 3 is used to show where the Heat Treatment processes [ Hardening, Full Annealing, Spheriodisation, Process Annealing ( Stress Relief Process) Normalising ] are in relationship to the Upper Critical Temperature and Lower Critical Temperature.

Students going through this Chap 4 were also shown how the traditional Katana Samurai sword was made. The hardening process involving the heating to its austenitising temperature, is followed by the quenching process as well as the tempering process.

The range of the tempering chart is shown together along side with parameters such as %elongation, %Area reduction, Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength and Impact value. To be a Master in making the sword obviously involves intimate knowledge of the heating, cooling and tempering process as well as the material that goes to make the sword.

Well, what do you think is the %carbon content in a Katana Samurai Sword?

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