Friday, May 24, 2013

GIGO versus GIGG

I was reading Edward de Bono's "New Thinking for the New Millennium" when I came across an expression GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) commonly used term in the computer world. Dr Edward de Bono stated that this computer logic "is the same with human logic. If the starting perceptions are faulty or inadequate, then flawless logic will produce absurd answers. But, much more dangerously, we will believe those answers to be valid."

The GIGO expression reminded me of Tony Buzan's book "Head First". He wrote that the computer GIGO logic that was thought to be true as to how the human brain thinks for many years, was in fact NOT TRUE. He emphasised that the human brain thinks, (in a more graphical way) as GIGG - i.e. Garbage In, Garbage Grows! 

He wrote that, "armed with this new information we can reconsider the idea that our synergetic brain is self-creative" as well as the fact with "the GIGG equation, the human brain can also be synergetically destroyed when rubbish or pollution infiltrates its incredibly sophisticated and complex systems....." eventually leading to "instances of suicides, murders, wars," and acts of unexplained shootings and killings in many parts of the world. How do we prevent this from happening? Apparantly, we need all to understand how the BRAIN really functions!

From my many observations, I have seen that a lack of understanding of this knowledge about the BRAIN has led to many individuals/groups "being led" to the path of "no return". Likewise, individuals/governments/countries with knowledge of how the brain functions may be able to save or pull some of these individuals to the "right path", from being depressed, individual/mass suicidal packs, or committing many unexplainable acts that we see today.

However, it is easier said than done. In the first place, the troubled individual / group needs to voice out their concerns. Sometime they communicate, but, no one seem to listen to them. Most of the times they may choose to remain silent and then, exercise their dissatisfaction through some non-violent acts like the ballot box, street demonstrations, etc... So....How could to we solve this BRAIN problem? Haha. How do we win the TRUST of these troubled individuals/group in order to win or turn them over? It is not easy......! I believe, lots of hard work is needed, sincerity in helping and giving would certainly be one of the ways.

Thus, to summarise this post in very simple terms, I would look at GIGO as how computer logic works and GIGG as how the synergetic human brain thinks. It is important to recognise this Brain Principle of Synergy. The reader may wish to explore other Brain Principles in Tony's book "Head First". Alternatively, the reader is also invited to view the various Brain Principles in a Mind Map that I did during Tony's two-day workshop in Singapore [ CLICK HERE ]
an excellent TEDx presentation on "The Power of a Mind to Map" that he gave in Dec 2012 [ CLICK HERE ]!

Enjoy! Thanks.

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