Friday, February 22, 2013

My Mind Map on Tony Buzan's "Laws of Mind Mapping".

I just love this Mind Map. It was one of the earliest Mind Map that I drew in accordance to the "Guiding Principles" that Tony and his brother Barry Buzan wrote in their "The MindMap Book". A must-read book for any person wishing to discover the secrets of mindmapping. The book is simple to read. The principles found in the book would provide essential guidance to anyone wishing to apply brain-friendly techniques that would enhance their love to mind map. Part of the secret of continuing to mind map is to motivate your brain of its immense capacity to absorb information.

I have used this mindmap guiding principles for more than 15 years. It has worked well for me in bringing a comprehensive understanding of how the brain works. Knowing how the brain functions will help many people to effectively optimise the immense latent potential/capacity of the brain.

This is done through the technique of mind mapping. Many people may not be convinced of how this could be realised. But, once you are suitably coached by an accredited mind map trainer, I strongly believe, your motivation will be so strong that it is difficult for you to be otherwise. Please do not hesitate to share/email me ( some of your thoughts on this matter.

Together, we could convince Education Ministers around the world to encourage their teachers and educationalists, to use mindmapping as one of the most effective teaching and learning tools. For a start, educationalists/trainers could use it to introduce a topic at the start of the lesson and then summarise the lessons learnt at the end of the class. I have been using it with lots of successes. The students love it! In future updates, I will include encouraging quotes from students who have been through my courses. They served as sources of "food" for my brain. Haha.

By the way, I revised the above Mind Map on 11 Feb 2001 to include the image of Albert Einstein as I always remembered what he said that "imagination is more powerful than knowledge". It is important to learn how to imagine even though you feel that it is not the best thing you like to do. Just by trying to imagine would help one in developing/enhancing their creativity quotient (CQ). Imagination is the foundation of creativity.

A memorable occasion:
I once had an opportunity to explain the above mind map to a group of educationalists, teachers and administrative staff from Wuhan Institute of Technology (WIT), China in 2009. They eagerly learned the principles of mind mapping and whatever examples and applications that I could teach them. The feedback that I received led me to believe that there is certainly quite a high demand of people wanting to know more about the use and how to apply mind mapping in China.

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