Monday, February 04, 2013

My Mind Map on Michael J. Gelb's Book on "Present Yourself" on Thursday, 20 October 2005..

This mind map on Michael J. Gelb's book was one of the pre-requisites for the Advanced Learning Strategies Course conducted by the Buzan Centres.

I drew it just before I left for Palm Beach, Florida where the course was conducted in October 2005. Little did I know that I was also flying head on to meet one of the few Category 5 Hurricanes (Hurricane Wilma) that developed just before I left Singapore.
My family was certainly worried about the Hurricane. But I took the chance of going as all my arrangements have been made and there was a chance that I would arrive in Palm Beach before the Hurricane arrive. To cut the story short, Hurricane Wilma came during the course, knocked out all electricity, etc.... and I managed to survive the wrath of a Category 5 hurricane. What a Von Restorff!

The mind map provides a good summary of the various issues that one needs to focus on when one is trying to make an impact during a speech or presentation. It may help one who is keen to learn these techniques from the master, Michael Gelb, himself.