Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Mind Map on a IT SECURITY AWARENESS for END-USER Lecture on 4th Nov 2009

Above is a typical mind map of my normal routine in joting down notes of any lecture, discussion etc. Normally, how beautiful or well arranged the mind map appears after the lecture depends on many factors such as my interest in the topic, my mood for the day - whether I have any urgent commitments etc., my skills in handling the many colour pens in my hands, the lecturer's presentation skills and clarity in making a difficult topic looks easy and others. I am not sure about what other real-time note-taking mind mappers have, however, these are just my opinion that I am sharing with all of you. Hope it helps to know what it takes to do a real-time mind map.

For those interested to know what the presenter is saying about IT Security Awareness for the End-user, the mind map that captures this lecture is full of keywords that will lead you to more teaching or learning materials that you may google from the Internet.
Good luck and enjoy.

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