Friday, March 22, 2013

My Mind Map on Kamal Kant's "The Career Survival Kit" on 30 Aug 2003

Another fav mind map of mine. I drew this mind map on a printable white board. It was based on a 27 July 2003 ST article written by Mr Kamal Kant, entitled "The Career Survival Kit".

Basically the article is trying to say that to survive in this rapidly changing world of ours, we need to be a team player, a bridge builder, adaptability, have different skills and a new mindsets that can help you fit into your career. In a nutshell, these are:
  1. Adopt a new mindset towards your career
  2. Become a career opportunist.
  3. Turn career ladder into career path.
  4. Plan to be out of work.
  5. When between jobs, consider temping
  6. Master effective job hunting skills
  7. Be self-aware.
  8. Become a bridge builder
  9. Keep your skills sharp and relevant.
  10. Be a team player.
  11. Be accountable.
  12. Learn to promote yourself.
  13. Diversify.
Notice how I grouped common key words together.
It helps in summarising.  Notice also that my key words is not the same as your keywords? Enjoy.

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