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HSBC - BEYOND MONEY MIND MAP at the "Garden at the Bay", Flower Field Hall on 4th Mar 2014

MIND MAP OF HSBC - BEYOND MONEY EVENT at the Garden at the Bay, Flower Field Hall, Singapore, on Tuesday, 4th March 2014, 6-9pm

I spent a wonderful evening at the "Garden at the Bay" listening to 3 groups of panelists  (Photos below) at an event organised by HSBC. The style of conducting the event as a panel discussion without any papers presented by the experts, is quite unique and interesting, as one probably gets the gists of the main ideas and thoughts directly from the panelists. To myself (I hope, other participants as well), one thing is very clear, the success of the evening's discussion lies very much in the very capable hands of the HSBC facilitator, Ms Diana Ser. She was able to draw out much from the expert panel members and steer the discussion very nicely and within the time constraint, towards an enjoyable evening. It was really great.  

Of course, I could not resist doing a simple Mind Map of the three panel discussions to remember and share some NEW perspectives and valuable insights that I have learnt with those who did not have the opportunity to attend as well as those present. I believe, it is very difficult to recall more than 10%, especially if no notes are taken or revision is done.....unless you are a genius.

By taking down notes using the mind map, one could easily recall as much as 60-70%?? I let you be the judge. Now...just pause for a while.....and..... imagine the intellectual capital of a company or organisation skyrocketing through the roof if everyone/majority in the company/organisation mind maps and LEARN! How smart would the company/organisation be? I have always imagine and believe that Google has lots of people who loves to have holistic views of everything and loves to LEARN, RELEARN AND UNLEARN from their mistakes as well as their successes. As a keen user of GOOGLE products since 1999, I have watched GOOGLE improving by leaps and bounds....... haha .......... hope ..... I am not wrong in my observations!

A brief summary of the event is attached below:
1)  One word seems to resonate for all the three panels. "TIME" !! On hindsight, the "Children" panelists says that they should have spent MORE TIME when their children were young and growing up. The "Retirees" panelists says they have MORE TIME as well as MORE OPPORTUNITIES and the "Women" panelists advocated for MORE QUALITY TIME during working hours so as to be with their children.

2)  There is an interesting branch in the "Retirees" panel discussion. Dr Kanwaljit Soin related how she asked our former prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew regarding the question of "What is the meaning of retirement?" The answer Mr Lee gave, according to Dr Soin, was that he would only retire upon his "Death"! Hope you manage to get the same interpretation from the key words (e.g. "LKY" and "DEATH" ) used in the mind map!......haha. 

3)  I would like to gently invite viewers to read the mind map above and to try understand what went on during the nearly 2hour event. It is simple.....and interesting to interpret the views of the panelists. Enjoy! 

"Nurturing Your Children" Panel Members: HSBC Facilitator - Ms Diana Ser, Dr Daniel Fung, Dr Bervyn Lee, Joanna Koh-Hoe, Lydia Ko, Tina Hyon

"Reevaluating Retirement" Panel Members: HSBC Facilitator - Ms Diana Ser, Dr Kanwaljit Soin, Leong Yue Kheong, Thomas Lim, Dick Yip

"Women's Role Today" Panel Members: HSBC Facilitator - Ms Diana Ser, Dr Annie Koh, Irene Boey, Rachel Eng, Wong Meng Meng


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