Saturday, February 22, 2014

My MIND MAP on PROF. DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY's Lecture on "INNOVATION, QUALITY TECHNOLOGY & STATISTICS" at ISE Dept, Faculty of Engrg, NUS on Friday, 21 Feb 2014

NETWORKING EVENT Organised by ISE Department, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore
I was glad to attend the excellent presentation by Professor Douglas Montgomery on "Innovation, Quality Technology & Statistics".
It was an evening where the Professor shared his thoughts that Industrial Engineers (IE) should be renamed/called as Innovation Engineers instead. Lots of questions/ anecdotes were shared......among them were:

1) Prof. Douglas Montgomery's "Ask my driver" anecdote. He also mentioned that executives and managers nowadays, are not EXCITED about quality but are more EXCITED about new products instead.
2) The difference between an Engineer and a Doctor..... wrt the goals of "Landing a man on the Moon" and "Finding a cure for cancer" by Prof. LC Tang
3) Sharing of how to deploy 6sigma methodology in education? 
4) Comparing ISO companies to those who really cared about Quality .....--> being ISO does not mean or lead to Quality just means following a set of procedures! to........
5) Using DOX in determining teacher effectiveness.....!
6) Executives not quite interested in QUALITY. They get extremely EXCITED only in NEW PRODUCTS.
7) Quote: "All experiments are DESIGNED EXPERIMENTS"
8) Difference between an Aerodynamics expert (Theorist: Dr Samuel P Langley) versus two Bicycle Mechanics (Experimenters: Wilber and Orville Wright) is the former built 2 planes that failed to take off, while the later built planes that eventually flew!
9) Research is to create SURPRISES and take RISKS... while, Development must not have SURPRISES and ZERO RISKS! Hahaha.

It was an enjoyable evening and am looking forward for the next talk. 

Thank you for viewing.

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