Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My FIRST MIND MAP WORKSHOP - "Buzan Mind Mapping Technique - Creative Applications and Benefits"

My FIRST BATCH OF MINDMAPPERS' Compliments were Written on the Envelope too!

Of course...... this post is dedicated to my very first group of 21 mindmappers who attend the 2-day workshop on 2nd & 3rd June 1999 in The Centre for Quality (TCQ), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP). It is also dedicated the thousands (too many to be listed here), who benefitted from attending my mind mapping workshops and talks as a certified Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI).

There are too many to be listed here (my apologies), thus I am naming just the first 21 mindmappers, who took up the challenge to learn more about their brain, relearn how-to-learn, learn about mind mapping and in the process, change their mindset beyond what they can imagine. They are:

Derek Bay Chin Chye, Chai Shan Shan, Richard Chan Hwa Tat, Chia Kok Heng, Chung Hean Kit, David Tan, Edwin Chan, Ganasha Kumar BT, Lim Chii Tee, Margaret Wee-Tan, Jean Ng Teck Yong, Shanmugam s/o Sidambaram, Shirley Christine Chua, Siaw Kah Chin, Tan Kok Wah, Tan Tat Yam, Tan Too Yong, Tan Wan Chye, Teo Choon Seng, Eileen Tok, Tong-Ong Chai Yan as well as thousands of others after them.

All who have attended my Mind Mapping workshops are free to use any of my mind maps without having to write in for permission to use them. Enjoy and have fun.

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